Automated Trading System!

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Many people want to develop an additional income stream, but often have no the time to deal with it.

There is a simple software which helps you to automatically participate in the huge Profits of the foreign exchange markets (FOREX).


Thank you for your interest in our fully automated trading software "FX Avatar"

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What is new?


The fully automated trading software is now available for free!

24 hrs online Server 

You never miss a chance on the foreign exchange world markets.

Live client account online

Monitor real time Live accounts before you decide!

Over +1000% Plus since 01.01.2013*

* Historical returns are no predictions for the future

Our Mission

Our service is for private investors who are not familiar with the fast growing international currency markets (FOREX) and its huge profits.

While keeping in complete control, watch the efficient decisions of our FX-Avatar System and the immediate positive impact on your profits.

Automated Trading System!


Your Benefits

  • Simple start without prior knowledge!
  • 24 hrs. fully automated trading System
  • Withdraw your money at any time
  • Profits on both up and down trends
  • You don´t need to dedicate a lot of time and so you have more freedom!
  • Mathematical algorithm without emotions and human weaknesses
  • Live accounts in real time - NO backtests
  • Cloud computing, no installation on your PC required. Safety first!
  • Your advantage: more time for the important things in your Life
  • Anytime free access to your account
  • FREE software for free use on your brokerage account


Customer quote:

After I spent so much time during several years trading with Stocks, Options and Binary Systems I switched to FX-Avatar, and I am now happy to finally make profits  - without stress and hassle free. This system gives me the financial freedom and the time to concentrate on the important things in my life. To spend quality time with my family and live the life I always dreamed of, without worring about my income! I can recommend this Programm to anyone.

Markus from Hamburg